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UFO Gaming (UFO) Soars 33% Following U.S. Military UFO Encounter

UFO Gaming (UFO) Soars 33% Following U.S. Military UFO Encounter


  • The United States military shot down a UFO in Lake Huron.
  • The octagon-shaped object sparked a heated debate on Twitter.
  • UFO Gaming (UFO) altcoin shot up by 33% amid the news.

The U.S. Military had to shoot down an octagon-shaped unidentified flying object (UFO) floating above Lake Huron. The unprecedented UFO activity in the North American area has resulted in 4 such incidents in the past week, coming just days after unmasking the spy balloon from China.

Cryptically, the U.S. Military didn’t comment if the UFO neutralized in Lake Huron has any connection to the one in Michigan Lake, but also pointed out that the unknown aircraft 20,000 feet was posing a hazard to commercial aircraft.

UFO Gaming Flies High With 33% Gains

Following the news, the decentralized gaming platform UFO Gaming catapulted by 33%, claiming $0.00000260, the highest point in the last three months. The E-sports and dark metaverse focused blockchain claimed #420 spot by global market cap, with slightly above $50 million, according to CoinGecko.

Naturally, the UFO E-sports gaming community is happy with the extra social mentions, but many crypto enthusiasts on Twitter are puzzled about how the clash with the curious aliens resulted in a bull run for $UFO. “Gotta love the science behind crypto”, — one crypto enthusiast uttered, while a bunch of other crypto aficionados unanimously tweeted “crypto is fun”, subsequently minting the tweet as NFT.

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